How Do You Make Long Flights More Comfortable?

How Do You Make Long Flights More Comfortable?

How Do You Make Long Flights More Comfortable?

To elevate your travel experience, we’ve gathered five strategies from professionals, including a partner and a founder, to make long flights more comfortable. From investing in a light-canceling mask to practicing deep-breathing exercises, discover a spectrum of expert tips to enhance your in-flight comfort.

  • Invest in a Light-Canceling Mask
  • Bring a Lumbar Support Pillow
  • Take Regular Movement Breaks
  • Select Seats with Extra Space
  • Practice Deep-Breathing Exercises

Invest in a Light-Canceling Mask

As a recruiter, I’m in the air more than I’d like, visiting clients around the continent to get a feel for their operations and serve them better. Often, if I don’t sleep on the plane, I’m in trouble because it’s not uncommon to head directly from the airport to a meeting.

That’s why I invested in a light-canceling mask. I used to have a slim, silky eye covering that was the equivalent of draping some tissue paper over my lids; this one is heavy-duty and more like a blackout curtain.

It’s unbelievable how much easier it is to rest when you’ve tricked your mind and body into thinking it’s nighttime, and alongside a pair of good earplugs, I’m now able to grab at least a few hours of sleep consistently.

Travis HannTravis Hann
Partner, Pender & Howe

Bring a Lumbar Support Pillow

Bring a support travel pillow for your lower back to ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable long flight. Proper back support is lacking in airline seats, so it’s important to have something that helps maintain ergonomic alignment when sitting for extended periods.

For added convenience, you can attach the back pillow to your bag or suitcase. Once you’re at your destination, you may use it as lumbar support for lengthy drives or periods of sitting. Even if you’re young, fit, or don’t have back discomfort, maintaining good body alignment is always crucial.

Kate ChervenKate Cherven
Marketing Specialist, United Site Services

Take Regular Movement Breaks

My tip for staying comfortable on longer flights is to make an effort to get up and move around from time to time. Even if I don’t have to use the restroom, I’ll get up and go to the restroom every hour or two; it’s good to get up and stretch your legs, to get some space to yourself, etc.

John FrigoJohn Frigo
Ecommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Select Seats with Extra Space

Lately, I’ve been doing more traveling to Vietnam from the United States, a lengthy 16-hour flight to the other side of the world. Sitting for such extended periods can be very uncomfortable, especially if you end up next to larger individuals who take up a significant amount of space.

I had to consider the option of upgrading to a higher-class ticket for more comfort. I found that the price almost doubled, which was a bit outrageous. However, during my research, I discovered that for less than $100, I could choose my seat on the plane. Exploring this further, I noticed that the front row of each section offers extra legroom, a significant perk for taller individuals.


Surprisingly, at the back of the plane, there’s a section with only two seats per row, and in between them is a sizable gap, which could accommodate another two seats. This arrangement provides a substantial advantage, even compared to the premium class, as the premium class seat is barely wider than the economy class, all at the affordable cost of selecting a seat.

AL Tran
Al Tran, Realtor, Blogger, Author, DS Inspire

Practice Deep-Breathing Exercises

As someone who has founded a business based on helping others with their mental health, I understand the importance of self-care during long flights. One strategy for in-flight comfort is to practice deep-breathing exercises.

Personally, I have found that taking deep breaths helps regulate the nervous system, reduce flight anxiety, and promote relaxation, making my flights more comfortable. Certainly, a soft neck pillow helps as well.

Paul ManleyPaul Manley
Founder, Halo Health Clinic

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