What motivates you to work hard?

What motivates you to work hard?

What motivates you to work hard?

From the freedom of running your business to the realization that time is limited, here are 10 answers to the question, “What motivates you to work hard?”

  • The Freedom of Running Your Business
  • The Experience of Being Your Best Self
  • The Satisfaction of Productivity
  • A Desire to Keep Moving Forward
  • The Appreciation for the Work I do
  • A Fear of Mediocrity
  • The Continuous Self-Improvement
  • A Thrill of Achievement
  • A Fulfillment in My Work
  • The Realization That Time is Limited

The Freedom of Running Your Business

It’s not making a ton of money that motivates me, but the freedom of working hard enough to be the boss of my business.

Owning my business gives me the freedom to make my own choices. I get to go to all my kids’ events if I choose. I can choose to work on the weekends or not. Having the freedom to have the correct work-life balance motivates me the most to work hard.

Evan McCarthy, President and CEO, Sporting Smiles

The Experience of Being Your Best Self

The desire to be the best version of myself and give the best version of myself to the world is my key motivation.

I want to leave behind a legacy of not only success but also positivity and inspiration to others. I work hard because I want to encourage others to work hard as well and lead by example.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

Matthew Ramirez, Rephrasely

The Satisfaction of Productivity

For me, one of the biggest motivators to work hard is the feeling of getting something productive done by the end of the day.

Knowing that I’ve accomplished something meaningful and moved closer to my goals provides a great sense of satisfaction and drives me to continue working hard. The positive impact that my work can have on others, whether it’s helping a client succeed or making a positive difference in my community, is also a source of motivation.

When I see the results of my hard work and the positive impact it has on others, it reinforces my commitment to continue working hard and doing my best.

Connor Ondriska, Co-Founder and CEO, SpanishVIP

A Desire to Keep Moving Forward

By changing my objectives, I stay motivated and determined to keep achieving more professionally.

Some people move their professional goalposts every year; I move them every month. The main thing is to never become complacent and content with where you’re at. I need to always have something to work toward to stay motivated, and that’s exactly what I do.

I always have goals in mind and write them down in front of me so I can see them regularly. This drive and opportunity to move forward are what motivate me to work hard and continue excelling!

David Curtis, Founder and CEO, Blue Pig Media

The Appreciation for the Work I do

What motivates me to work hard is the appreciation someone has for the work I do. Who I work for also makes a difference, since I truly appreciate managers who create a positive work culture.

When someone genuinely cares and checks in to make sure how everything is going, as well as takes my feedback into consideration, it makes me want to work harder!

Kristina Ramos, Reverse Recruiter, Find My Profession

A Fear of Mediocrity

Everyone goes through fluctuations in their level of motivation. Someone who is unmotivated is content with mediocrity, or life has not pushed them hard enough to hustle in the other direction.

My motivation to work hard comes from my desire for a better life and the standards that I set for myself. On days when I’m feeling lazy, I remind myself that it’s another day I’m going to need to make up for. The result? I try to achieve my fullest potential each day.

Nick Varga, Chief Riding Officer, Eride Journal

The Continuous Self-Improvement

My primary motivation to work hard is to improve myself continuously and to progress in my career in order to continue to feel satisfied.

As someone with a positive attitude, I’m always looking for ways to further my knowledge and push myself to work. This motivates me to work hard, as I know I will not achieve my goals and feel fulfilled if I don’t.

Will Baker, Founder, Skirtings R Us

A Thrill of Achievement

I am proud of my achievements and take great pleasure in putting in the hard work necessary to reach my goals. The thrill of meeting a challenging deadline or exceeding a client’s expectations is an enriching experience.

My unwavering work ethic comes from a love of challenge and the satisfaction of realizing my full potential.

Every success, no matter how big or small, fuels my desire to keep pushing forward and continue growing. Hard work pays off, and the sense of achievement is always worth it.

Todd Jensen, Head of Marketing, Nursa

Todd Jensen, Nursa

A Fulfillment in My Work

My motivation to work hard comes from a sense of fulfillment in my work. I try to be productive and efficient in my career.

My job motivates me because it allows me to do something meaningful with my time. I enjoy being part of a team that works hard to accomplish a goal.

When I do my work well, it motivates me to do even better. An excellent motivation at work is recognition, which comes in different forms. You can show recognition for someone verbally when you say “Good job!” and non-verbally by smiling or giving a nod or a pat on the back.

Or implementing rewards for meeting goals. All means of recognition motivate people to work harder.

Joe Acosta, Digital Marketing Manager, Barbeques Galore

The Realization That Time is Limited

As an artist, I am driven by infinite possibilities and the desire to push the boundaries of my craft. The realization that time is limited only fuels my passion to tirelessly and diligently work.

Using a palette knife, rather than traditional brushes, in my realistic paintings is a testament to my dedication and determination to achieve the impossible through hard work. The endless stream of ideas for my paintings serves as a constant reminder of the need to use my time wisely and strive for excellence in my work.

Emilie Fantuz, Artist, Emilie Fantuz

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