What’s Your Preferred Travel Accommodation and Why?

What's Your Preferred Travel Accommodation and Why?

What’s Your Preferred Travel Accommodation and Why?

When it comes to selecting the perfect travel accommodation, the preferences and insights of travel writers and bloggers can be particularly enlightening. From the communal vibe of hostels to the unique experience of staying on a houseboat, we’ve gathered five distinct perspectives to help you decide on your next home away from home.

  • From Hostels to Airbnbs for Privacy
  • Hostels for Socializing, Airbnbs for Local Tips
  • Hotels for Short Stays, Airbnbs for Long
  • Unique Experience on a Houseboat
  • Homestays for Cultural Immersion and Language

From Hostels to Airbnbs for Privacy

When I first started traveling, I stayed in hostels almost every night. They were the most budget-friendly option, and it was incredibly easy to meet fellow travelers.

Nowadays, I prefer to stay in more comfortable accommodations. After traveling for years on end, I value my privacy and like having my own space. Depending on where I’m traveling to, I usually book a room in a hotel or guesthouse on Booking.com or stay in Airbnbs. Airbnbs are probably my favorite type of accommodation these days, as they can really feel like a home away from home.

However, if I’m in a social mood, I also like staying in a private room in a hostel. This way, I have my own space, but it’s also easy to meet other people.

Lena MrowkaLena Mrowka
Travel Writer, Not Another Backpacker (Travel Blog)

Hostels for Socializing, Airbnbs for Local Tips

Traveling is all about meeting people. The accommodation you choose has a direct impact on the number of people you meet. Hostels (even if you stay in your own room) are the best place to mingle. How much you mingle is entirely up to you. You could have a great conversation over breakfast, do a day trip together, cook in the evening, play a card game, or start a music jam. You don’t have to if you’re not in the mood.

You can meet fellow travelers in Airbnb or boutique hotels too, but choose wisely! Airbnbs or guest houses are also a great opportunity to meet locals and get those really good tips with a personal touch!

Julia-Carolin ZengJulia-Carolin Zeng
Director, Charlie on the Move Ltd

Hotels for Short Stays, Airbnbs for Long

Generally, I prefer hotels to hostels or Airbnb because the services and facilities at a hotel are more transparent than those at other types of accommodation. However, hotels are only suitable if I travel to a destination short-term for a few days.

As I occasionally travel for one to two months to a destination, Airbnb is more suitable for that since the platform often gives discounts for weekly or monthly stays, and it’s easier to find a well-equipped accommodation with a kitchen, washing machine, etc., for long-term travel on Airbnb than at a hotel.

Marya SutimiMarya Sutimi
Blogger, The BeauTraveler

Unique Experience on a Houseboat

Houseboats offer a truly unique travel accommodation experience. Staying on a houseboat allows you to enjoy a different perspective, tranquility, and the soothing presence of water. Imagine waking up to a stunning sunrise shimmering on the surface, hearing the gentle lapping of waves, and feeling a sense of serenity. Houseboats provide an opportunity to explore waterfront locations and enjoy activities like fishing or kayaking directly from your doorstep.

Whether it’s a peaceful lake or a scenic river, houseboats offer a memorable and immersive stay. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat away from the usual hustle and bustle of traditional accommodations.

Roy LauRoy Lau
Co-Founder, 28 Mortgage

Homestays for Cultural Immersion and Language

My preferred type of travel accommodation is a homestay. This choice is fueled by my intrigue in cultural immersion, allowing me to experience local traditions firsthand, which indirectly enriches my work back at the education company.

More fluent language interactions and authentic cuisine are merely the icing on the cake. I am fascinated by the heartwarming hospitality and the unique bonds formed in such a short span. It’s a constant reminder of the universal language of kindness and respect that transcends any business operation.

Nooran ZafarmandNooran Zafarmand
Co-Founder and CEO, Japamana

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