How Do You Choose Your Next Travel Destination?

How Do You Choose Your Next Travel Destination?

How Do You Choose Your Next Travel Destination?

Deciding on your next getaway can be as exciting as the trip itself, so we’ve gathered insights from seasoned travelers and business owners to guide you. From considering family-friendly destinations and cruises to seeking rich cultural experiences, explore the top five factors these experts use to choose their next travel destination.

  • Family-Friendly Destinations and Cruises
  • Beach Hopping with Cultural Immersion
  • Regret-Minimization in Destination Choice
  • Seasonal Timing and Travel Deals
  • Seeking Rich Cultural Experiences

Family-Friendly Destinations and Cruises

With the last name ‘Griswold,’ I know about travel. I have two girls, so of course, family vacations are often to Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort. I’m always up for a fun road trip to Florida, and Orlando does have a lot to offer families, especially if you don’t want to pay for flights and can road-trip it.

If we are looking for something different, a cruise has always been our next go-to family vacay. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, etc., all offer short getaways or 7-day full Caribbean or Alaska itineraries. For us, it’s hard to beat the value and flexibility of a cruise. And if you can drive to the port, again, we save on flights, which add up fast with a family of four.

Steve Griswold
Owner, Pixie Vacations

Beach Hopping with Cultural Immersion

I love the beach and therefore seek beach destinations, with the goal of experiencing the unique charm each coastal area offers. When planning my trips, I typically start by selecting a primary beach destination that I haven’t visited before.

That is followed by mapping out other nearby countries to my main destination, to maximize my experience and immerse myself in diverse cultures, landscapes, and cuisines.

The last part is to leverage the inbound/outbound layovers, converting them from a mere transit point into two additional adventures. This allows me to create a more comprehensive and enriching travel itinerary while continuing to check off more beautiful countries from my bucket list.

Patty Hickok, Sphr, Gphr, Shrm-Scp
Patty Hickok, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, Sr. Director Employee Relations, HRIS & HR Operations, NANA Regional Corporation

Regret-Minimization in Destination Choice

When it comes to picking my next travel destination, I always ask myself one crucial question: ‘Is this a place I’d regret not visiting?’ This simple yet profound thought guides my decision-making. It’s about more than just ticking off a list; it’s about feeling a deep connection to a place, whether it’s because of its history, culture, natural beauty, or something else that resonates with me.

This approach has led me to some incredible destinations and experiences that I’ll cherish forever. It’s a reminder that travel is not just about going somewhere; it’s about making meaningful connections and creating memories that last a lifetime. So, when you’re planning your next trip, ask yourself if it’s a place you’d regret missing out on. If the answer is yes, you know you’ve found your next adventure!

Will Hawkins
Will Hawkins, Owner, Digital Business

Seasonal Timing and Travel Deals

I keep a kind of short list of destinations on my list to travel to. A big factor in which I choose, when I come into some free time or money, is based on the time of year—i.e., which destination is good when an opportunity to travel comes up—as well as which have the best flights and deals at that time.

John Frigo
John Frigo, eCommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Seeking Rich Cultural Experiences

When choosing my next travel destination, one key factor I consider is the cultural experience offered. I look for places rich in history and tradition, where I can immerse myself in the local culture. This involves researching destinations known for their unique customs, arts, cuisine, and historical significance. I often read travel blogs, watch documentaries, and seek recommendations from fellow travelers to gain deeper insights into what each place can offer in terms of cultural enrichment. This approach not only ensures a memorable travel experience but also allows me to broaden my understanding and appreciation of diverse world cultures.

Anup Kayastha
Anup Kayastha, Founder, Serpnest

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